29 April 2011

I'm Watching You...

Well, here's a interesting picture for you. Now that Stormy is getting acclimated to a larger family, she's found the perfect spot to keep on the lookout for the occasional ambush by Jade, one of our other cats. My youngest daughter snapped this picture one afternoon.

I look at this picture and wonder just what's going through this cat's mind... perhaps (*evil maniacal laugh*) "The world will tremble in fear when faced with The Claw!" Just another plot by cats to take over the world and eliminate those pesky flea-bitten dawgs.

One good thing, however. In the last few days the kitchen has gotten much quieter in the evenings when we feed the cats. You can see for yourself in this photo by the same photographer.

Everyone is eating quietly and no one is fighting or instigating the other.

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