16 November 2008

The New Addition

With the passing of our previous black cat, we found that we had an empty spot in our hearts. We miss this lovable, old, grumpy cat whom we called Tigger Too. Her namesake was my first black cat, Tigger, from the days of my youth.

As it turns out, this past week, the universe in all of its infinite diversity intertwined our fate with the fate of another employee of my work place in a very rewarding way. This particular employee had three black kittens that she and her brother found as strays. When I found out about the wee ones, I immediately made inquiries as to the age and gender of these stray black kittens. Two were male and one was female. I texted my daughter and she came bolting into my office with all due haste spouting, "Can we see 'em, please, please please?!!" How could I refuse such a request?! I called the other employee and made arrangements for my daughter and I to go see the kittens.

As soon as my daughter saw the kittens she fell in love with them, especially the female. She was very soft, cuddly and very laid back. Almost the exact opposite of our previous black cat. This was just what my daughter wanted in a kitten. Needless to say, we brought that little black bundle of joy home with us that night. Since then things haven't been the same.

The first night she was home with us, she was very reserved. The wee one was content to huddle under the futon in my Den. Today, however, is another story. Now that she has gotten over her initial insecurity at being in a new, strange home, she has been getting into everything. I think nothing of walking down the hall to the living room only to stop and wait for a small black streak to bolt headlong at breakneck speeds across the floor only to stop in mid stride, skid to a halt and bolt back the way she came.

She is very curious about what people eat, especially pancakes. At breakfast this morning, we couldn't keep her from scaling pantlegs and bathrobes in an effort to get to the dining room table. The only way we could keep her off was to feed her (wait for it...) pancakes. That's what I said, pancakes. I'm beginning to think that she's part mooch.

Enough said about our new addition. I would like everyone to meet our latest family member, Jade Ember (Jem for short).

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