04 January 2009

WeeHelp Tree Lighting Services

Well it looks like another job for the WeeHelp tree lighting techs... The Christmas Star on the top of our tree quit working today so we decided to send in the calvary. Our junior tech climbed the tree and made a quick assessment of the situation.

Yes, the center blinker bulb needs to be replaced. As soon as she determined the correct bulb number she came down, retrieved the correct bulb and headed back up for the swap. We managed to capture some great footage of her performing her duties.

As you can see, she is quite nimble. The bulb has since been replaced and the Christmas Star is working perfectly now.

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Serendipity said...

"WeeHelp" update...

Further analysis of the lighting situation found that the extension cord for the tree star was unplugged (no doubt the work of some unscrupulous furry character on four legs).