25 May 2009

What happens when you mow cat mint on a windy day

Well, I just had to share this with everyone. I went outside to trim prior to cutting the grass and accidentally mowed down some cat mint growing under one of the pine trees in our back yard. The wind caught what I thought were grass clippings and blew them into the side of my pants. Boy did I get a surprise when I went inside to cool off !!

Each of the cats, one after the other, suddenly became very affectionate. If you watch the videos, you will see that I was hung on, chewed, licked, pummeled and layed on.

Some of their kitty affection actually hurt, especially the teeth and claws as they hung off of my pants trying to get to all of the cat mint.

I'm thinking that maybe I'll try and remember to stand upwind the next time I mow under the pine trees.

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