28 July 2009

Beauty in Your Own Back Yard

I was experimenting with the family camera and finally figured out how to use the "macro" function. I was doing this because I had some very pretty wildflowers growing around our house and wanted to take some close-up pictures of them. I didn't want a little speck of flower in the middle of a large picture. I probably looked rather silly to the neighbors as I lay in the grass in the middle of the yard taking picture of some of the smaller flowers.

I like how the pictures came out and told my daughters. One expressed an interest in seeing the little beauties so I decided to post them and share them not only with her but with you. I had reasonably good luck scouring the Internet for pictures and have tentatively identified all but one flower. If my identification is incorrect, I welcome you to correct my error.

Red Clover

Stargazer Lily

Cow Vetch

Queen Anne's Lace


White Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus

Daisy Fleabane


Scarlet Pimpernel

White Clover

Common Thistle

Bittersweet (Creeping Nightshade)


Birdfoot Trefoil

Yellow Hop Clover

That's all there is for now. As I get more pictures, I'll post them on this blog. Enjoy!

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enLethe said...

I just finally saw the post. The flowers are so pretty!